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Naomi Miller - Touching Your Heart with Music
Naomi was nominated for best debut act by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Liza Minelli was the presenter  who announced  her name.  Here's Naomi with Liza and composer, John Kander.
Naomi performed with Carol Channing (a/k/a Richard Skipper) at the Duplex in NYC
Mark Nadler,  award winning NYC cabaret singer, has coached and arranged for Naomi 
Linda Amiel Burns, director, and Richard Danley, musical director, for  Naomi's cabaret show,  "Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction"
Naomi with her husband, Harvey Miller, at Love, Marriage, Children & Lipsuction show
Naomi was the Baker and the Wife in the Folksbiene's production of "The Lottery" by Sholem Aleichem
Naomi with Cabaret star Georgia Osborne
Naomi's accompanist Michael Tornick
Naomi performing with Janet & Manny Sosinsky and The Hester Street Troupe
Naomi's son, Philip, his wife Heather and their children, Brandon and Chloe.
Naomi's son, Joshua, and his wife Becky
Naomi with Father Dan Murphy and the staff of Our Lady of the Valley after Naomi's performance of "You are the Future"
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Tovah with Naomi's grandchildren, Chloe and Brandon
The cast takes a bow (Naomi is 4th from left)
Naomi's husband interprets her show into Sign Language
Photo Gallery
Naomi with accompanists Janet & Manny Sosinsky and arranger Larry Hochman, Tony award nominee for Spamalot and Fiddler on the Roof
Linda Amiel Burns with Naomi and other Manhattan Association of Cabarets nominees
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Naomi with pianist, Janet Sosinsky, 
and cellist, E. Zoe Hassman
Naomi and Janet perform at the St. Regis, NYC
Janet, Ruth Kaye, Cameron Chandler, Manny, Naomi, Len Schlossberg perform at the dedication of a chapel
Janet Sosinsky .
Floyd Bussie, Jr., lighting designer extraordinaire, setting up for Naomi's show "Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction".
Larry Gates of Gater Music just before recording Naomi's show, "L, M,C &L"
Tom Tedesco of Tedesco Studios setting up to video Naomi's show
Na sings to Chole on stage
Performing at the Iguana, NYC
Naomi with playwrite and director,
Moshe Yasur
Naomi with Motl Didner, Associate Artistic Director, Folksbiene
with Moshe Yasur and Shane Baker
with Eyal Sherftext.
with Harry Pearce
Adrienne Cooper & Naomi
Naomi singing with Margot Leverett & Marty Confurius
Naomi with Broadway stars Ben Crawford of Shrek and Big Fish (above) &  Dan'yelle Williamson of Memphis (below)
Writer, director & producer, Chip Deffaa; singer, dancer, actor, Justin Boccitto; and Naomi on the set of George M.Cohan Tonight
Na with Joshua Nelson
Naomi and the cast of Folksbiene's "Love, Labor, Lost"
Na with jazz singer Jane Stuart.
Naomi with Broadway star Natalie Toro
Naomi with Les Mis star, Ron Sharpe
Naomi and the cast of De Groiyseh Gevintz
Naomi with Ron Sharpe, Barbara Russell, and cast
Naomi and Yiddish Theater Star Mina Bern
Naomi performing in Florida.
Naomi with Isaiah Tyrelle Boyd,
 Esther Del Carpio, and Jess LeProtto
Naomi on stage at Regency
Naomi on stage in Barcelona
Naomi with Larry Hochman on the day he won the Drama Desk Award for Best Orchestrations and Ruth Fost as she retired from being executive director of the world famous Pushcart Players.
Naomi with accompanists Dave Schlossberg and Rob Lowe at the Jewish Heritage Museum