A musical/multimedia program in commemoration of the Holocaust

Naomi Miller, singer/actress/recording artist/educator, is also the child of survivors.  Born in a displaced person's camp in Landsberg, Germany, she came to the United States when she was 2 years old, along with her parents, the sole survivors of their families.

Naomi was privileged to perform her program, "You Are The Future," at the Terezin (Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp's theatre where the imprisoned children who perished once sang.  She has also performed this program in synagogues and churches, elementary and high schools, colleges and community centers, including several interfaith services.  Wherever she performs, she evokes a wide range of emotions in her audiences. There are tears. There is laughter.  There is understanding.  There is hope.  There is a charge to the next generations to "Never Forget."

Songs include those sung in the ghettos and those of the partisans, as well as songs written especially for Naomi by Emmy award nominees, Carole and Harvey Wechter and songs based on the poetry of Inge Auerbacher, a child survivor of the Terezin Concentration Camp. At one point, Naomi poignantly portrays her mother who encourages the audience not to forget the Yiddish songs that she and her siblings loved in their youth and that were almost lost in the Holocaust along with their adherents. At other times, Naomi portrays the father of Anne Frank, as well as her own father who lost his first wife and children in the Holocaust. 

All songs are interspersed with narration, story-telling or acting and there is power point presentation that enhances the program - goes along with each song- sometimes informational, sometimes just to set a mood, and sometimes (like with the Yiddish songs) to give the translations and to encourage singing along. (Note: There are no images of horrors or dead bodies.)

Naomi’s performance is also enhanced by wonderful piano accompaniment, including a solo performance of the theme from Schindler’s List. The arrangements for several of the songs are by Larry Hochman, Tony Award winner for orchestrations for The Book of Morman and Tony Award nominee for such shows as Spamalot, The Addams Family, and Fiddler on the Roof.  A song has recently been added honoring the Righteous Among the Nations - those who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.  The song was written by Naomi, her husband, Harvey, and by Larry Hochman.

Depending on the length of the show desired, a candle lighting ceremony can be built into the narration with candles lit by members of the audience.  As an encore, Naomi can perform an uplifting medley of Hebrew songs accompanied by a PowerPoint she calls "Images of Israel." 

A Study Guide is available to educators

" You are absolutely extraordinary.  You have a true gift.  You sing with your Jewish soul and a song in your heart.  The choice of theme, "You Are The Future," music and narration was so sensitive to the subject of the Holocaust.  Your singing and narration transported all of us into a special sacred place."  Cantor Charles Romalis- Temple Beth Tikvah

"Your narratives, interspersed with your own personal and poignant reflections as a Second Generation child of survivors mesmerized the entire audience and especially the students of our Religious school with meaningful pedagogical significance that I am confident will continue to nurture their Jewish identity in the years ahead."  Mary Sheydwasser, Religious School Director, Pinebrook Jewish Center

"You were an inspiration to us all.  The feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive and all felt that it was a truly meaningful and inspiring commemoration.  The Committee would love to have you back next year.  It was truly an honor to bear witness to your personal and musical journey from tragedy to survival.”"  Laura Ruderman, Phd., Assistant Professor at Bergen Community College 

"Your unique blending of story and song helped make the program meaningful for the 200 participants - young and old alike.... Thank you for increasing the meaning of this day for our community." Rabbi Jeffrey T. Segelman, Westchester Jewish Center

"I love the program ‘You Are The Future’ because it brings the values and beauty of [Yiddish] culture to the next generation through music and drama in a way that is touching, humane and immediate. Jew or Gentile, child or adult may all come to a better understanding of the world that has vanished through this program. *** I would love to see ‘You are the Future’ performed in public school and religious congregations and group gatherings of all types, wherever people wish to remember the Holocaust by paying tribute to the beauty of the lives that were lost.." Rabbi Stephen Wylen, Temple Beth Tikvah

"There is no book or lesson that could possibly convey the depth of emotion that you bring to your songs. Not only are the songs beautiful, but they ring with the authenticity you supply as the child of Holocaust survivors. ***Your program kept them enthralled and attentive throughout." Emily Andreano, Shomrei Torah Religious School 

I had the good fortune to hear your wonderful presentation about the Holocaust at Shaari Emeth in Manalapan. The clarity of your narrative, your sensitivity to the young people in the audience, and the soothing beauty of your voice in song combined to produce a most moving, educational, and engaging presentation of an incredibly difficult topic, especially to children. Kudos!  Audrey Flumen

Naomi and Harvey, I will "never forget" the wonderful afternoon spent with both of you. I'm still talking about it to family/friends in PA and Ohio and neighbors here in Lakewood. Both of "YOU ARE THE FUTURE" that will keep the candles burning!! G-d Bless with health and happiness!! Harvey Hellerstein 
Naomi Miller - Touching Your Heart with Music
Naomi  at Our Lady of the Valley
Naomi and accompanist Janet Sosinsky perform at Muhlenberg College
Naomi with accompanists Janet Sosinsky, piano, and E. Zoe Hassman, cello, at the Holocaust Torah Mantle Dedication at Shomrei Torah

"My students were spellbound.  Your music was hauntingly beautiful and set just the right emotional tone."   Lori Edelstein, Educational Director, Shomrei Emunah Religious School

"You Wowed us!! Your Yom Hashoah presentation exceeded our already high expectations!!"   Elliot Forcheimer, UJA Federation of New York

"Your music was so beautiful that it enabled us to take the message (of the Holocaust) into our hearts."  Reverend George C. Lutz, St. Peter Claver Church

"It was a pleasure to see you again.  It is important to hear the Second Generation connection to the Holocaust and dedication to your parents' memory.  *** I know that the audience will always remember you and identify you with your positive attitude that is exemplified by your good humor and meaningful presentation."  Peppy Margolis, Holocaust Remembrance and Education Council

"Naomi Miller was the keynote at our annual Yom Hashoah service.  Her presentation appealed to all ages.  Our children, watching this program, were mesmerized and you could hear a pin drop throughout.  Naomi is extremely talented and she won the hearts of our members with this excellent program.  As chairman of this event, I never had so many of our congregants congratulate me on "the best Yom Hashoah speaker in many years."    The theme of "You Are the Future" is so important ....  We must be able to impart on the next generation their responsibility 'To Never Forget' and Naomi accomplished that."  Jerome Oppenberg, Chairman, Pine Brook Jewish Center 

"Naomi Miller was our presenter for our annual Holocaust Memorial Service sponsored by a number of the Christian churches in Randolph and the Mt. Freedom Jewish Center.  Her presentation was outstanding in combining storytelling, song and a visual presentation.  Her multi-faceted approach truly touched the hearts and minds of all present.***I know all who attended ...came away touched, renewed, and deepened in our connection with the past and hope and determination for the future."  Rev. Daniel W. Murphy, Pastor, St. Matthew the Apostle Parish

"There have been nothing but rave reviews of your presentation on Monday.  Thanks to you and your team for coming to St. Joseph's and providing us with such a moving remembrance of the past and challenge for the future."  Thomas Petriano, Professor, St. Joseph's College, Long Island

"Thank you for an incredible performance of 'You are the Future'!  The Kean University community is still raving about your  production.  Your stage presence is undeniable; the audience was captivated from the very beginning.  Your passion, warmth and beautiful voice blended together for a special evening."   Janice Kroposky, Director, Holocaust Resource Center

“Naomi Miller and her accompanist performed at Ocean Community College. It was a different program than the traditional ones I usually have and I must tell you, it was the most inspiring and well received program we have had at OCC. Naomi's enormous and diverse talent and warm personality immediately connected her to the audience, evoking both laughter and tears through Naomi's singing, acting, and storytelling." Ali Botein Furrevig, Ph.D., Director, OCC Center for peace, Genocide, Holocaust Studies

I just want to tell you how absolutely moving, amazing, and inspiring your program was, filled with such heart and love and inspiration. People cannot stop talking about it. Thank you so much for bringing it to our community. It was really extraordinary. L'shalom, Rabbi Melinda Panken, Temple Shaari Emeth
"You Are the Future":
"Gentle Memories":
Naomi Miller and Co. performed “You Are the Future” at Ocean County College for our 2018 Yom haShoah program whose theme this year was “The Second Generation: Children of Survivors.” This was Naomi’s second visit to our campus and the reaction of the audience –survivors, faculty, community, but most important, that of our students -- was one of raw emotion to her story and song lyrics and a deepened understanding of the relevance and timelessness of the message that the program so beautifully and sensitively conveyed. More than any book or lecture could accomplish in so short a time. Naomi’s talent, warmth, and boundless energy are no less than remarkable and it was an honour to have her perform her program for us. I have had so many people who were in attendance tell me what this program meant to them and how necessary it is. I have already asked Naomi to come back next year.          Ali Botein Furrevig, Ph.D., Professor of English, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ; Director, OCC Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education

Yasher Koach!  We can't stop admiring your great talent as both a gifted singer and talented actress.  It was a marvelous solo performance.  Ethel Fisher
a collage of some of the images that appear in the PowerPoint that accompanies the program
a musical/multimedia program in commemoration of the Holocaust
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