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     "AGING / SCHMAGING: A CELEBRATION OF THE AGES"   Naomi's newest show celebrates legendary, ageless performers like Bette, Barbra, Gloria, Tina, Chita, Tony, Stevie, Dolly, Billy, Paul, Neil, Art, Carole, and more!

        “AMERIKE HURRAH”  Did you know that Yipsele Hochberg wrote the lyrics for “Home On the Range”?  Hymen Arluck composed the music for “Stormy Weather”?  Schmuel Cohen wrote “Three Coins in the Fountain” and Yakov Gershovitz wrote “Summertime”?   The “American” names taken by these songwriters and much more is revealed in Naomi’s tribute to these children of immigrants whose early experiences with the Yiddish Theater and with America resulted in what has become known as the “American Popular Songbook.”  

       “ACCENTS ON BROADWAY (and Beyond!)”  Tour the world, while on Broadway and then go even further!  This revue combines Naomi’s love of the languages of the world with her love of the Broadway musical theatre.  Songs from Broadway classics like Chorus Line, Evita, Hello Dolly, Fiddler on the Roof, Lion King, Finian's Rainbow, Jersey Boys, and Les Mis, testify to the fact that “no matter what the language, it’s still ol’ Broadway!”

        "LOVE, MARRIAGE, CHILDREN & LIPOSUCTION” takes on all the topics in its title - and much more - via original and Broadway tunes.  Nominated for an award by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets (MAC), Kristine Niven of Artistic New Directions  reported that  “Naomi’s act is divinely structured and her performance is warm, witty, charming -- totally delightful.”  Said Jan Wallman of Applause!  Applause! – “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll enjoy.”

       “KLASSY KLEZMER”  Options called this show featuring Naomi and a band of top Klezmer musicians “a great toe-tapping, humming, singing, hand-clapping experience.” Naomi flows from Hebrew to Yiddish to English and back again,  “touching every good Jewish feeling we’ve ever had.”

       “FROM KLEZMER TO BROADWAY”  From the shtetls of Europe to the glitter of the Broadway stage, “this music laughs and cries, bringing together yesterday and tomorrow.”  Options 

      “KEEPING OUR DREAMS ALIVE”  presents songs from the Yiddish theatre, the international cafés of Greenwich Village, the Israeli kibbutz, and the American Jewish experience all woven together into a “joyful blend.”  Options called it “a musically sophisticated, Judaically profound adventure into the heart and soul.”

        “YIDDISH IS IN MY GENES”  All singing, all kibitzing, all freilach!  This show can be performed with patter in English or all in Yiddish and with or without SuperTitles (captioning).  Raised in a home where the Mama Lushon was the primary language, Naomi is dedicated to the perpetuation and rejuvenation of a language that was almost lost in the Holocaust.  She has had the privilege of performing several roles with the National Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre under the direction of Zalmen Mlotek, Motl Didner, and Moshe Yasur.   Naomi also teaches Yiddish classes to children, teens, and adults.  Her one class, “You May Now Curse At Your Parents,” is very popular with teens who now can say things like “Oy a broch,” “feh!” and “Zulst vaksn vee a tsible mit in kup in drayrd aran”!

         “TO ISRAEL WITH LOVE” celebrates the magnetism of Israel and its many cultures.  The show features a wonderful slide show of the land and people of Israel.  Said Lilith Magazine:   “Naomi Miller delivers up a variety of Jewish music...with unselfconscious passion.  She’s not afraid of comedy, sentimentality, or social action.  Miller enjoys herself and so will you.”  
        "A BIS'L THIS AND A BIS'L THAT" - a sampling of 10 of Naomi's shows blended together with clever patter and a wonderful slide presentation.

         "IZZY WHO?  A TRIBUTE TO IRVING BERLIN" tells the story and presents the music of Izzy Baline as he grew from the poor boy on the Lower East Side to one of the greatest American songwriters that ever lived.

      “THE INTERNATIONAL CAFÉ” vibrates with songs in many languages including, English, Yiddish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Ladino, French, African, Japanese, and even Sign Language! 

       “YOU ARE THE FUTURE: a Holocaust Program”  As a child of survivors born in a displaced persons camp after the War, Naomi brings enormous sensibility and reflection to this musical program of original and Holocaust-related music and dialogue, including a very poignant monologue depicting Naomi’s mother.  A very special PowerPoint accompanies the entire presentation.

       “LET ME IN ON IT TOO”(for youngsters) "AS WE LISTEN WITH OUR EYES" (for adults): Singing and Signing Experiences  Naomi’s eldest son is Deaf and this led Naomi to weave songs in "Sign" into her performances.  All of her shows can be simultaneously interpreted into Sign Language for members of the audience who might be Deaf. Naomi has also had the privilege of performing for the National Congress of Jewish Deaf and other Deaf organizations.  As a teacher and lecturer, Naomi has spread Deaf Awareness to all sorts of groups and organizations, from preschoolers to college students, congregations and civic groups.  The shows includes songs, interactive activities, and PowerPoint.

No matter which show you select,
 it will be BURSTING with Naomi’s “special blend of

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Note:  Depending on budget, Naomi’s performances can be accompanied by a variety of musicians

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