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Naomi Miller Nominated for MAC Award

Miller of Wayne has nominated for "Best Debut Act" by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC). Winner of the award will be announced at MAC's 14th awards ceremony to be Town Hall in New City on Sunday, April 9. MAC is a trade association of singers, directors, comedians, and musicians that actively people in the entertainment industry with al of advancing both the art and business of live entertainment. Its advisory board includes such cabaret/club luminaries as Margaret Whiting, Liza Minelli, Kaye Ballard, Dorothy Louden, Joan Rivers and Lily Tomlin, to name just a few. This year's ceremony honoring Barry Manilow, as well as Bobby Short will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. Naomi Miller's act entitled "Love, Marriage, Children Liposuction," (LMC&L) takes on all the topics in its title and much more. Kristine Niven of Artistic New Directions reported that "Naomi's act is divinely structured and her performance is warm, witty, charming, -- totally delightful. " Said Stu Hamstra of The Cabaret Hotline "I will tell you, this gal knows her audience- and knows exactly what they want to hear. Delightful!"

Lilith Magazine found that "Naomi Miller delivers up a variety of music with passion. She's not afraid of comedy, sentimentality, or social action. Miller enjoys herself and so will you."

Miller has been performing since she was a teenager when she sang in the folk and international cafes of Greenwich Village. Over the years, her focus remained on international music and Miller's recordings included "Yiddish Is In My Genes" and "Keeping Our Dreams Alive," which featured songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, Ladino, and English. Then a few years ago, in a show entitled "From Klezmer to Broadway and Everything in Between."(K2B), Naomi combined songs in French, Italian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, and Greek with songs of the Broadway musical stage. This show, which was recorded live on cassette and CD had Options describe it by saying: "Picture Madeleine Kahn in Blazing Saddles, Edith Piaf, the Andrew Sisters, Molly Picon and a few others tossed in, and you'll get an idea of the range of Naomi's talents. 

LMC&L, directed by Linda Amiel Burns and with musical director, Richard Danley, will continue its run at the well-known cabaret and piano bar, Don't Tell Mama at 343 West 46th Street, NYC, on Saturdays, March 18, and March 25 at 6 p.m. The March 18 performances will add another feature, unusual for cabaret acts. They will also be Sign interpreted for the Deaf. Miller and her husband, Harvey, were founders of Parents for Deaf Awareness and the Jewish Deaf and Hearing Impaired Council, both New Jersey Statewide organizations.

Naomi Miller - Touching Your Heart with Music