NAOMI MILLER puts the ACCENT ON BROADWAY in this enchanting cabaret act.  Songs from “Annie,” “Evita,” “Les Mis,” "Jersey Boys," "Hello Dolly," "Fiddler,” and "Lion King" to name a few, mixed with songs in French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Ladino, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish combine Naomi’s love of the languages of the world with her love of the Broadway musical theatre.  Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, George Gershwin, and many others are all treated to Naomi’s special “twist.”

You'll be on a tour of the world, without ever leaving Broadway - to prove Naomi’s motto - “no matter what the language, it’s still ol’ Broadway!”  

As always, Naomi’s show is filled with her special blend of energy, humor, and emotion, all delivered with her wonderfully vibrant voice.

Here's just a few reactions to this show:

"MY DEAR!!!!!
You are a phenomenal performer and a knock-out singer! I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary…indeed, I daresay in all the languages you sing in COMBINED there are not enough superlatives to do justice to the incredible show you did! Incredible…easy word to throw around…but think what it really means, and it’s really true…out of one little woman comes this knock-down drag out voice plus sweet and gentle…you’ve got it all under your hat…or up your sleeve…and in your heart…wherever. You give an audience 1000%  and oh my stars and garters, they give you it back in love and adoration!!  People were absolutely ECSTATIC as they were leaving, the compliments were flying…you are dynamite. You were fabulous completely and absolutely a STAR!!!!! You were a veritable galaxy!"  Thea White, actress

"The audience's response to Naomi Miller's presentation of "Accents on Broadway" was astonishing.  Not only did she play to a standing room only crowd, her talent was evident throughout the performance.  She seamlessly switches from singing in English to Yiddish to Spanish while interjecting humorous tidbits .....  Not only would I recommend Naomi Miller's performance, but as a testament, I am currently negotiating Ms. Miller's return to perform one of her other shows."  Olga Kuharets, Program Coordinator, Fort Lee Public Library

“Our Annual Gala was an absolutely phenomenal success, thanks in no small part, to your and your incredible musicians.  Your performances that evening were the highlight of our event as was evident in the reviews and comments after each show, and they are still talking about it two weeks later. ***  ‘Accents on Broadway’ is a wonderful program and was received by your audiences with resounding success.  Your ability to perform in a multitude of languages is awe-inspiring and our attendees were swept away in the enthusiasm of your performances.”  Eric Stein, Cedar Crest 

"WOW!  From the minute you came on stage to the wonderful ending, you had your audience enthralled.  It was a memorable evening ***  You are a remarkable, talented woman with a powerful voice and natural ability to entertain."  Roberta Kraus, YM-YWHA

Naomi Miller - Touching Your Heart with Music
BROADWAY and Beyond!
Three scenes from the PowerPoint that accompanies "Accents on Broadway"