V'Shuv Eetchem (Yiddish, Hebrew & English), Oseh Shalom/Haveynu Shalom Aleichem (Hebrew), Margaritkelech (Yiddish), Al Shlosha D'Vareem (Hebrew),  Jerusalem is Mine (English), Yiddish Medley   (Lomir Alle Zingen, Di Greeneh Kuzineh, Sheyn Vi Di Levone, Meyn Shteleh Belz, Oyfn Pripetshik, Yome Yome, Kim Shoyn Aheym), Yiddish is in my Gene (Yiddish/English)Rabeynu Tam (Yiddish), That's My Boy (English), Images of Israel (Exodus, Tell Me Where Shall I Go, Jerusalem of Gold, Od Yishama, Shema Yisrael), Bashana (Hebrew). C
across the country and abroad.  Growing up, she had two dreams - to become a singer and to act in the Yiddish theatre. Both have come true!

Naomi performs a program of Yiddish songs taught to her by her mother, Rosa, a survivor of the Holocaust, and, of course, by Art Raymond, the WEVD radio celebrity whose show seemed always to be on in Rosa’s kitchen.  Years later, it was a wonderful treat for Naomi to hear the songs from her hit recordings played on that very show. 
If you like, Naomi can delight you with a live performance all in Yiddish, including patter, or can introduce and explain the songs in English. Her experience as an actor in the Folksbiene Yiddish theatre gives her an added plus when she interprets Yiddish songs for her audiences.  The show can be accompanied by SuperTitles (English captions) for the Yiddish impaired!

Naomi’s first language was Yiddish, but it later matured into a fluent tzebrocheneh (broken) Yiddish. She feels that this is only fair since her parents spoke a tzebrocheneh English! 
Listen to some excerpts: 
in Rosa's kitchen: 
a DVD of 3 recipes! 
Naomi Miller - Touching Your Heart with Music
Naomi Miller, singer and recording artist, began her musical career while rehearsing in the waiting room of the Mikveh that her parents maintained in Paterson New Jersey. Since then she has performed in cabarets, concert halls, and for innumerable Jewish organizations 
Yiddish Is In My Genes*
P 1985 Ephrayis Productions, LLC
Dear Philip and Josh,

These are the songs of your great grandparents who survived pogroms and the Holocaust and the songs of your relatives who helped re-establish the land of Israel.  This recording is dedicated to you with the hope that you will be inspired to learn and perpetuate the music of our people.  We hope that you will learn to Sign all of these songs as well, so that the Deaf community will be able to enjoy the humor, poetry and beauty of our Jewish heritage.

Mom and Dad
CD, RECORD or Cassette  

Yiddish Is In My Genes * THE SHOW
"Ich hob gevaynt oon gelacht ven zee hot gezinken."  "Zee hot asach tam."   "Zee zingt fin eera neshuma."  "Ich hob geplotst foon gilechter." 
"I cried and laughed when she sang."                           "She has a lot of zest."     "She sings from her soul."       " I split my gut from laughter."
Some quotes about Naomi's show at the Yiddish Vinkel:
the new CD cover!
Geb a listen to a bissel 
Rumania, Rumania!
DON'T BE CONFUSED!  The songs on the recording are not the same as in the show.  The recording includes songs in Naomi's two other favorite languages - Hebrew and English!
Raised in a home where the Mama Lushon was the primary language, Naomi is determined to perpetuate a language that was almost lost in the Holocaust.  Her love of Yiddish music is second only to her love of the songs of Israel.  Naomi is committed to the music and memories of both of our languages – committed to their warmth, sadness, wit and joy.  Be prepared to clap, hum, tup, remember and sing along with Naomi.  

This recording prompted one reviewer to exclaim: "Naomi Miller flows from Hebrew to Yiddish to English and back again touching every good Jewish feeling we've ever had." Said another: "It brought back the fondest memories... I actually cried." Options Magazine called it "a great toe-tapping, humming, singing, hand-clapping experience."
This recording is available as an LP (yes!  a record!!) or a cassette (yes! a tape!) or a CD.
The Yiddisheh Carmen Miranda!
Manny, Janet & Naomi Backstage
In the Yiddish Story, the workers go on strike!.
"That's My Boy"
"The Story of Davidl and Raisele"
Selections from the show, "Yiddish is in My Genes"

Three of the Scenes from the PowerPoint that accompanies the Yiddish is in My Genes show