"You are a phenomenal performer and a knock-out singer! I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary…indeed, I daresay in all the languages you sing in COMBINED there are not enough superlatives to do justice to the incredible show you did! Incredible…easy word to throw around…but think what it really means, and it’s really true…out of one little woman comes this knock-down drag out voice plus sweet and gentle…you’ve got it all under your hat…or up your sleeve…and in your heart…wherever. You give an audience 1000%  and oh my stars and garters, they give you it back in love and adoration!!  People were absolutely ECSTATIC as they were leaving, the compliments were flying…you are dynamite. You were fabulous completely and absolutely a STAR!!!!! You were a veritable galaxy!"  Thea White, actress

"I can barely begin to explain the amount of feedback I received about Naomi Miller's programs.  New members, old members, freshmen, seniors, staff members, all of them approached me asking where did I find such an amazing presentation and how it is one of, if not the, most amazing program that they had ever experienced. Naomi Miller had a truly magical effect on anyone who experienced her presentations and I know without any doubt, that whoever gets the privilege to experience a program of hers will get a truly incredible opportunity. I hope that Mrs. Miller will continue to lead programs and impact many minds, young and old."  Mitchell Schwartz, Northern Council Membership Vice President, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization-GJHRR

"Naomi Miller performed at the New Orleans JCC and lit up our stage with her dynamic show.  Filled with Yiddishkeit, familiar old tunes and original songs, Naomi's performance was enjoyed by the entire audience.  Her years of experience give Naomi a sense of self-confidence that she carries into the act, while her humor and ability to bring in the audience make you feel like you are in a New York City nightclub.  Along with her accompanist, Naomi put on a fabulous show that had the audience laughing, singing along and on their feet for a standing ovation at the end."  Leslie Fischman, Executive Director, JCC New Orleans

"Thank you so much for your incredible performance at our temple in Miami.  You had the crowd from 'hello' and they wouldn't let you go.  *** People are still buzzing about your diversified and fantastic performance."  Steve Allen, Executive Director, Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom  

“This ebullient entertainer, Naomi Miller, is such a good singer and raconteur and warm cabaret personality…[that] the sold out house had a great time and showed their enthusiasm whooping and applauding long and hard.  *** Miller has been singing all her life and singing is as natural and as communicative to her as her smile.”  Jan Wallman, Applause! Applause!

"Thank you so much for coming to the JCC of Greater Rochester to perform your show, 'From Klezmer to Broadway.'  As you saw we had a great audience who loved the show.  Attendees praised your strong voice, great stage presence, enjoyable sense of humor, and commitment to celebrating Jewish culture and tradition in such a fun, accessible way.  Many were particularly impressed with your command of so many languages, and loved the way you connected your love of languages with your love of Broadway.  'It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time' one attendee said, and thanked his friend for encouraging him to attend.  I can't thank you enough for coming to Rochester, and I look forward to working with you again."  Joy Getnick, JCC Jewish Program Director

“Your performance Sunday in Springfield was superb.  In our estimation, you are the Jewish Ella Fitzgerald!”  Betty Kaplan, Westfield Renaissance

"What a profound joy and delight to have experienced your wonderful performance ... and how gratifying that you pulled in on of the largest audiences we have ever had!  *** In addition to your wonderful musical ability, you have that indescribable charismatic charm that has audiences eating our of your hand as soon as you open your mouth and start to sparkle ,,, vocally and with the delightful force of your personality.  Thea White, Outreach Specialist, Livingston Public Library (for the full review, click here)

"We thank you for being everything we hoped you would be. Everyone loved the fact that you were not just a good singer but you also were a wonderful entertainer with a bubbly personality.  Looking forward to having you back in the future." 
Gary Hyman, 4 Seasons at Manalapan

"Thank you for coming out to Patchogue to perform 'To Israel with Love."  From the moment your show began, you had the audience clapping, dancing, and singing along to the music.  Your show was interactive and your ability to get everyone involved was such a pleasure to watch.  Your stories were engaging and your love for Israel was evident.... When you performance ended, your audience was clearly disappointed that it was over, you left them wanting more.  We are still receiving rave reviews from those who attended, saying that it was one of the best performances they have seen in a long time."  Cheryl Gavin, Co-President, Temple Beth El of Patchogue

"What a pleasure it was having you return to the Fort Lee Library to perform your show 'Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction.'  Your cabaret-style program delighted the audience, many of whom commented on how they related to your story.  One patron expressed that the performance 'took her back' and she became teary-eyed.  The interjection of personal history mixed with song create a magnificent production that truly speaks from the soul.  Your ability to make the audience fall in love with you shines throughout the well orchestrated act.  Looking forward to your return!"  Olga Kuharets, Program Coordinator

Dear Naomi:  I could not wait to catch up with you to tell you how very special your performance and wonderful material was. There are countless talented performers but you seem to have some special quality of passion for the Jewish people and ability to give of yourself unstintingly, along with your musical ability. It was a privilege to be part of your audience. Sylvia Kramer, poet

"There have been nothing but rave reviews of your presentation on Monday.  Thanks to you and your team for coming to St. Joseph's and providing us with such a moving remembrance of the past and challenge for the future."  Thomas Petriano, Professor, St. Joseph's College, Long Island

"Naomi has the audience laughing, crying and everything in between.  She was a delight to work with and we look forward to her headlining future events.”  Shelley Feingold, JCC of Western Monmouth

"Wow!  Sunday’s show was a fabulous hit….  You were absolutely wonderful!  Your presentation, your program, your poise, your presence, and, most important, your warmth and commitment, took over the stage….Thanks for being so terrific!”   Joshua Samborn, YM-YWHA of North Jersey

“Miller delivers up a variety of music…with unselfconscious passion.  She’s not afraid of comedy, sentimentality, English, Hebrew Russian or Ladino.  Miller enjoys herself, and so will you.” Lilith Magazine

“The evening was a success due to your performance.  I received many wonderful responses to your show. Thanks again for making the evening so special.”  Gail Marlow, JCC Metrowest

“Your interpretation of the various types of ethnic music, from Yiddish to French to Russian, was a pure delight and a joy to hear. We were particularly impressed with the way you were able to change tempos and go into some of the familiar Broadway melodies with such ease.  Everyone I spoke to after the show was just thrilled.”  George Schwartz, Renaissance Club

“The standing ovations given at both intermission and at the conclusion of the evening were testimony to the enjoyment the audience received and felt…. Naomi, thank you for a marvelous evening.”   Sheldon Berman, JCC of Paramus

"Thank you so much for your marvelous performance of Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction!  The title alone is a promise of joy and oh my! - you certainly provided an ample supply of joy!  You have a great gift, a wonderful talent for creating a moving and touching and funny and poignant piece.  As it that was not sufficient, you then perform that piece with such infectious enthusiasm, and such finely honed singing and acting skill - plus you have that rare attribute that can neither be taught nor learned - charisma! and that wonderful warmth that endears you to an audience instantly - and they stay endeared until the last note is sung!"  Thea White, Livingston Public Library

“Your cabaret performance was a pure delight and it’s easy to see how your earned your title as being ‘one of the country’s top 10 Jewish female performers!”  Alice Goldfarb, Temple Beth-El

“Wow!  I cannot thank you enough for the unbelievably fabulous performance at our holiday party. Your choice of music and your voice were incredibly wonderful.  Even more so was the patter between songs, tailored perfectly for the group of realtors we were hosting.”  Ralph Labendz, Merit Financial Corp

“Picture Madeleine Kahn in Blazing Saddles, Edith Piaf, the Andrew Sisters, Molly Picon and a few others tossed in, and you’ll get an idea of the range of Naomi’s talents.”  Options 

"A singing sensation with an international flair, Naomi Miller is warm, charming, witty and totally engaging.  Her sparkling show bursts with energy and humor, opening new horizons for some, while bringing back fond memories for others.  A veteran of cabarets, nightclubs, and concert halls, this linguistic master with a glorious voice also performs original material and has cut four extremely well-received CDs,  ***Naomi is a rare talent - not to be missed."  Commotion Magazine

"Temple Israel of Sharon wants to thank you for the stellar performance you gave.  People have not stopped talking about it.   Your voice, your enthusiasm, your professionalism outperformed all the other concerts.  It was wonderful to see all ages enjoy themselves.  We hope you come back to Boston again and grace us with your superb talent.  Thanks again for making this event so lively and fun."  Stephanie Gamm, Shanna Trufan, Temple Israel, Sharon, MA

“What a wonderful performance!  Everyone loved it and are still coming into my office to rave about Naomi’s talents and magnetism.”  Sheila Hellman, YM-YWHA

“Naomi has an amazing voice, and is such a warm, engaging performer.  We look forward to having her return in the future.”  Nan Statton, JCC of Central New Jersey

"Splendid!  Naomi is a FABULOUS performer/singer with a great sense of humor and style.  *** I left with a smile on my face and in my heart."  Ruth Fost, Executive/Artistic Director, Pushcart Players

“Dear Naomi, I just had to write to tell you how much I’m enjoying your recordings.  I’m falling in love with the songs that are new to me and becoming teary-eyed at the old familiar ones.  Thank you for your enthusiasm (which is contagious), your beautiful voice, and for the love you put into each song.”  Maxine Regher

"Dear Naomi, I’m enjoying your music. I play it in my car – my house – (at work!) – wherever.  It’s so spirited and moving and it reawakens my heritage.”  Dorothy Burgis

"Your performance was very moving and its message touched our hearts deeper than any service I attended.  All of us felt the pain and anguish and innocence of our children.  Members of our community are still reflecting on it and letting others know what they missed out on by not attending.  Your music was so beautiful and it enabled us to sink the message into our hearts.  I am so grateful to you for the dedication you have to the process of healing broken hearts and a broken world."  Rev. George C. Lutz, St. Peter Claver Church, Montclair, NJ

“I would like to express our gratitude and compliments to you for the wonderful performance you gave here at our synagogue.  Your music and personality made our Chanukah celebration truly joyous.”  Andrew Platizky, Temple Emanu-El

Thank you so much for the wonderful show you did in our Kings Isle Club House. Your act was not only good singing, but also very amusing.  The feedback from our audience has all been very positive.  Arnold Silverberg, Co-President

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I and my family and friends were privileged to see your show.  What a treat!  You were wonderful.  My daughter and son-in-law saw you years ago at a Jewish Festival, bought your tapes, and have been fans ever since.  I am thrilled with your new CD.  It is terrific.  I have been listening to it for hours. *** Your show is a gift to the neshuma and in this crazy world we sure do need wonderful performances like yours. *** Thank you again for the joy.” Paula Pollack

“Naomi was the perfect entertainer.  Her repertoire of songs was enjoyed by all.  In addition, her personality kept the audience spellbound throughout her performance.”  Sylvia Brenner, B’nai Brith International

“The Congregation is still raving about your show.  What an entertaining evening.  Your personality and warmth brought special quality to this performance .  *** Thanks for making our summer concert fundraiser an unforgettable evening.”  Suzanne Cohen, Temple Emeth Shalom

"Your program was a huge success.  We had an overflow crowd and the audience was delighted with your presentation.   You prepared a Yiddish program, as I requested, and it was superb."  Rebecca Levine, Jewish Education Association

"Our agency's collaborative efforts with Jewish Federation is an attempt to bring Jewish culture and tradition to the ever growing Russian population in the area.  We found that your program and rendition of Yiddish, Hebrew, English, and Russian songs far exceeded our expectations.  The audience was absolutely captivated by your performance. *** Thank you for making our concert such a special occasion."  Irene Brook, Jewish Family Service 

"Naomi Miller was our presenter for our annual Holocaust Memorial Service sponsored by a number of the Christian churches in Randolph and the Mt. Freedom Jewish Center.  Her presentation was outstanding in combining storytelling, song and a visual presentation.  Her multi-faceted approach truly touched the hearts and minds of all present.***I know all who attended ...came away touched, renewed, and deepened in our connection with the past and hope and determination for the future."  Rev. Daniel W. Murphy, Pastor, St. Matthew the Apostle Parish

“Our Annual Gala was an absolutely phenomenal success, thanks in no small part, to your and your incredible musicians.  Your performances that evening were the highlight of our event as was evident in the reviews and comments after each show, and they are still talking about it two weeks later. ***  ‘Accents on Broadway’ is a wonderful program and was received by your audiences with resounding success.  Your ability to perform in a multitude of languages is awe-inspiring and our attendees were swept away in the enthusiasm of your performances.”  Eric Stein, Cedar Crest Village

“A composite of Molly Picon, Madeleine Kahn, Edith Piaf and the Andrew Sisters!”  Rosalie Longo, Herald News

"The best show....very real....mellow, beautiful, warm...the audience was madly in love with her...she connected...she made me laugh, cry and fall in love...made us feel so happy to be here... warmth, caring, sensitivity came through...intros to each song were perfect...the hour left your tongue hanging out wanting more...so glad we came...she owned the stage...we lover her, so entertaining, so exciting an evening"  audience comments recorded by Jack Schwartz after a Naomi Miller concert 

Yasher Koach!. We can't stop admiring your great talent as both a gifted singer and talented actress. It was a marvelous solo performance. Ethel Fisher

“It is obvious that you love what you do, and your enthusiasm, augmenting your considerable talent, brought much pleasure to the people fortunate enough to hear you.  People left the conference with smiles on their faces, largely because of the joy and excitement that you communicated during your performance.”  Barbara Kaufman, Union of American Hebrew Congregations

"Your CDs are so vibrant, full of life, and humor too.  I love them!  Denise Hanson, Metlairie, LA

"When you are singing, my heart is melting.  Your voice, your charm make the audience love you.  I am lost for words to describe it.  You have so much positive energy that it is electrifying."  Rimma Markhasin

"Words seem inadequate to express how much I - and the entire college community - appreciated and enjoyed your program.  Nothing short of sensational!"  Al Botein-Furrevig, Ph.D., Ocean County College

"Naomi, with her wide voice range, who put her heart and soul into the music, contributed to an unforgettable experience for all our fellow passengers. *** True passionate and professional performances.  Our passengers were thrilled and applauded enthusiastically."  Uwe Nitschke, AMA cruise director

"You brought joy, laughter, beauty and love to hundreds of people.*** Thank you."  Bobbie Kraus, Four Seasons

"I want to thank you very much for the wonderful concert you gave us.   Your charming presentation and outstanding selection of songs captured the hearts of everyone present, and we all had a fabulous time.  We look forward to hearing you again!"  Rabbi Robert E. Fierstien, Temple Beth Or, Brick, NJ

"Your concert was an absolute delight for all kinds of reasons and I was so happy to have been there.  You sure sing and perform the hell out of all your material - most of all to watch you have such a wonderful time while giving the audience a wonderful time!"  Janet Schneider, Geriadance

“You were radiant and your singing and material superb.  You are such a delight and we all enjoyed you immensely.  The feedback we received after your performance was tremendous and very complimentary.   Thank you again for making our day so special.”  Naomi Lilien, Women’s American ORT

“Naomi Miller is here in NYC and I will tell you, this gal knows her audience – and knows exactly what they want to hear.  Delightful!”  Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

"It's now midnight and I just finished listening to the CD.  I had to write you tonight to thank you for sharing your music.  From Chirribim to Rumania you captivated me with your voice, your styling and your terrific sense of humor!  I truly loved every minute.  Thank you for opening the flood gates and bringing me back to a time that has long been forgotten.  Most of all, thank you for just being you!"   Harvey Jaffe

“All of my emotions were touched – laughter, tears, goose bumps, and memories.”  Mae Saewitz 

“Your program was a huge success!  We had an overflow crowd and the audience was delighted with your presentation.  I can’t wait to make a date for a return visit next year!”  Rebecca Levine, Jewish Education Association

“Thank you for entertaining us with your ‘whole self’ last week.  It’s been a pleasure for me to hear such positive comments about your show from so many people who have gone out of their way to praise the performance.  You are a talented and charming performer and we are grateful to you for sharing your wonderful self with us in Albany.”  Claire Sidney Albert, Albany JCC

“You were spectacular!  Thank you so much for a very special program.  ‘Izzy Who’ is a treasure and your beautiful voice and charming personality left us smiling and singing.  I have been playing your tapes to my great delight.  This will be one program that will be hard to top.”  Barbara Gold, White Meadow Temple

"How do I describe a musical performance that made me smile, cry, remember when, and thoroughly enjoy it all?  I believe all this was possible because of Naomi Miller's dedication, compassion, caring, loving way of expressing her love of musical theater.  Thank you for the joy."  Bobbie Kraus

“Thank you so much for the fantastic, original, creative show you wrote for my son’s 40th birthday celebration.  The audience was mesmerized by your charm, wit, and most of all by your beautiful voice.   Your presentation appealed to every age group.  I was thrilled to see the guests toe tapping and hand clapping spontaneously and enjoying themselves with such smiles.  You left us all laughing, smiling, and with warm hearts.”  Arlene Rand, Paris Inn

“Naomi’s act is divinely structured and her performance was warm, witty, charming – totally delightful. Naomi certainly has a marvelous gift.”  Kristine Niven, Director, Artistic New Directions

“Naomi Miller fills the stage with joy. *** Here is a real performer….  Her diet song was hilarious!”  Sidney Meyer, Don’t Tell Mama, NYC

"​On behalf of the William Paterson University Alumni Association, I offer sincere gratitude and admiration for your very enjoyable performance. Based on the very positive feedback I have received, I can confidently say that you were a tremendous hit!  I, myself, was very impressed by your seamless integration of popular music, foreign language, and personal anecdotes – all of which produced an intelligent and highly entertaining performance.  Naomi, you are a consummate professional and a gifted performer! Thank you again for sharing your impressive talents with our audience."
Janis B. Schwartz, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

“I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your superb musical program in connection with our Shabbat Shira Weekend.   Being fortunate to have heard you perform for us in the past, the entire community knew that a well-planned and professional musical experience was in store.  This resulted in one of the largest audiences we have had.  *** I congratulate you and thank you once again, hoping that other communities will take advantage of your great talent.”  Cantor Daniel Green, Congregation B’nai Israel, Toms River, NJ

"There are just not enough ways to thank you for your wonderful performance.  The joy that you gave to all of us was so very special!  Only people with such warm hearts would be able to convey such magnetism and attract such a diverse audience."  Jewish Family and Children's Services

“I am sure that everyone in the audience had one of the best times of their lives.  We stopped taking reservations and could not accommodate one more person!  Your choice of material was excellent, and we left singing, happy and fulfilled.  *** Thank you again for a memorable evening.”  Ken Hilfman, Congregation B’nai Israel, Fair Lawn, NJ

“I’d like to thank you for a fabulous program.  Everyone gave rave reviews of your performance, many saying you were ‘the best we ever had.’  It was a pleasure working with you.”  Elaine Rockoff, Brookdale Senior Services Center, Long Beach, NY

"Naomi presented a program that was filled with her warmth and her ability to keep any audience - even the youngest - entertained!  We look forward to having her back."  Barbara Zitcer, Director Early Childhood Department

“Our International Cabaret Night …was an outstanding, resounding success.  We were sold out … The standing ovations given at both intermission and at the conclusion of  the evening were testimony to the enjoyment the audience received and felt.  *** It would be an understatement to say that I, the committee, the audience and the entire Jewish Community Center of Paramus was pleased with your performance.  I would also add that your appearance resulted in several dozens of tickets sold to people from throughout the local community who had heard you perform before.  Thank you for a marvelous evening and a successful one." Sheldon Berman, JCC of Paramus

“I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected to record a number of Yiddish Theatre songs for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music Project….   I was indeed impressed with your previous CDs….  The recordings will take place in Vienna…with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Israeli conductor, Maestro Elli Jaffe.”  Dr. Neil Levin, Artistic Director

“Naomi Miller is a vivacious and talented international cabaret singer and recording artist.”  West Palm Beach Century Village,  Clubhouse Happenings

"Weaving a unique strand of songs together in a creative way with a wonderful piano accompanist, this show ("Amerike Hurrah!) filled our hearts with love and reminded us of the many talented Jewish songwriters we have in America.  Truly a show filled with spirit. A great way to connect Jewish history in song!  A performance you should not miss!  Linda and Mark Dumoff

"Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing a display of artistic talent in your flawless performance that was both soul stirring and emotionally uplifting.  *** You brought life, sincerity and undeniable meaning to each song and your medleys were both bright and delightful and evoked memories of past, joyous times.  *** You are indeed endowed with very special talents." L. Weingarten

“Naomi, thanks so much for your moving and inspiring performance for our religious school children and parents…. Your songs and power point created a unique and stimulating explanation of the Holocaust.  In addition, your performance for the Montclair Federation … was a delight and a joy to watch.”  Robin Meyerowitz, Shomrei Torah

"Naomi Miller puts on quite a show.  She can control large groups of all ages - not by force or coercion, but by the pace and message she conveys.  ***Four hundred children singing and signing is a wonderful thing to see."  Rabbi Stuart Warner

"You were absolutely marvelous.  The women at our Paid Up Sisterhood Party still talk about your wonderful performance and the delightful afternoon you created.  You are so talented and you brought smiles to everyone.  The "Tribute to Israel" was outstanding."  Amy Lipper, Etz Chaim Sisterhood, Jacksonville, Florida

"We rarely have such a huge crowd.  Your reputation precedes you.  Your performance was lively and energetic as you reached out to offer something for everyone."  Ann Pogolowitz, Jewish Family Service of North Jersey

"Your show, "Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction," is truly a tour de force.  You deserve every accolade.  I was spell-bound.  What a night!"  Pamela Cohen, Pennsauken, NJ 

"You were fabulous.  I had many people write and call me to tell me how much they enjoyed the evening certainly because of you.  I also enjoyed it enormously.   Please tell Harvey that he was also excellent.  I loved watching the two of you interact.  You made our Paid-Up Social special and everyone loved it."  Liz Schwarz, Temple Beth Shalom

Naomi and Harvey, I will "never forget" the wonderful afternoon spent with both of you. I'm still talking about it to family/friends in PA and Ohio and neighbors here in Lakewood. Both of "YOU ARE THE FUTURE" that will keep the candles burning!! G-d Bless with health and happiness!! Harvey Hellerstein 

"WOW!  From the minute you came on stage to the wonderful ending, you had your audience enthralled.  It was a memorable evening ***  You are a remarkable, talented woman with a powerful voice and natural ability to entertain."  Roberta Kraus, YM-YWHA

"My husband and I went to your concert at the temple in Clark and we just had to tell you it was absolutely a fantastic    evening.   You were so wonderful, your voice, personality and charm captured the entire audience and you got standing ovations you certainly deserved.  We will absolutely make sure we find out where you are performing in the future and we will be there!"   Selma Wapnowitz

"Richard and I want to express our thanks to you and Harvey for a great night of Marriage & Music!  Your talents are so special and we enjoyed every minute of your songs."  Averil Moskow

"When we last saw Naomi and her "From Klezmer to Broadway" show, she left her audience wanting more.  Her magnificent voice and stage presence provided a wonderful afternoon of REAL entertainment.  Naomi's "Amerike Hurrah!" is a great vehicle to demonstrate the range of her talent.  There wasn't one song which change the tempo of this well-choreographed show or lessened the rapt attention of those in the audience.  Her appeal remains evident; her choice of music couldn't have been better.  She is a great talent and we wish her and Leonard Talent Associates continued success."  Shelley Feingold, Jewish Community Center of Western Monmouth  

"When Naomi Miller began to sing, she swept the whole room up in emotion.  I can barely begin to explain the amount of feedback I received about her programs.  New Members, old members, freshmen, seniors, staff members - all of them approached me asking where did I find such an amazing presentation and how it is one, if not the, most amazing program that they had ever experienced.  Mrs. Miller had a truly magical effect." Mitchell Schwartz, B'nai Brith Youth Organization, Greater Jersey Hudson Region

"Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  My husband and I just finished listening to your new CD.  I knew I liked your voice and I knew I like your sense of humor and your talent, but when you hear it on a complete CD, it is, as Billy Crystal would say, mahvelous honey, mahvelous!"  Marilyn Kailo

"I guess I can trust my gut!  I knew that you would be fantastic!  I had great expectations and you fulfilled them over and above!"  Helen Schiffman,  JCC Chicago, Skokie, Illinois

"Naomi was the perfect entertainer for our group.  Her repertoire of songs was enjoyed by all. In addition, her personality kept the audience spellbound throughout her performance."  Sylvia Brenner and Doris Altman, B'nai Brith International, Concordia Unit

"On behalf of the Mid-Bergen Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, I would like to thank you for your outstanding contribution to our cable TV show.  You are a unique and special person."  Louisa 
 to our cable TV show.  
"What a wonderful performance Naomi Miller gave at our Hazak meeting.   Her vitality, professionalism, sense of humor and delivery were superb.  We look forward to another show next year."  Marta Wolin, Congregation B'nai Israel

"Your cabaret performance was a pure delight....  The turnout we had that evening was the BEST we've ever had...and we look forward to seeing you many more times - in our Temple and elsewhere.   Thank you for such a special evening!"  Alice Goldfarb, Temple Beth-El Mekor Chayim

"Our event was a tremendous success.  You and your Klezmer musicians were wonderful and really created a very happy, festive ambiance.  You have a beautiful voice, and your musicians are terrific!  Hundreds of people - adults and children alike - stopped, listened and enjoyed your joyful sound."  Dinah Y. Fox, Temple Shalom, Succasunna, NJ 

"Dear Colleagues

I just had such a wonderful experience that I had to share it with you.  I had hired Naomi Miller in the past to perform her show, “Amerike Hurrah – A Tribute to Jewish American Songwriters” for an adult education series.  It was so well received that I hired her again to perform the show for our Renaissance Club.  And then I had another idea.  I wanted our Hebrew School students to hear about the contributions Jews have made to the American music so I hired Naomi a third time to perform the show for them.  

The students were absolutely mesmerized – and so were their parents who were invited to share the experience.  Naomi and her husband, Harvey, had transformed the adult version of the show into one that truly related to the students.  Naomi’s beautiful voice and great songs were accompanied by an informative and very entertaining narration, given by Harvey.  Janet Sosinsky’s piano accompaniment was absolutely brilliant and her husband, Manny, added to the joy with some violin embellishments.  As a backdrop to all of this was a unique and creative Power Point presentation that was as beautiful to watch as it was educational.  Check out her website: www.naomimiller.com.

What a wonderful way for our students to learn about the contributions of Jewish composers to American culture and how Yiddish theatre and American patriotism influenced their work.  I heartily recommend this show." 

Cantor Charles Romalis
Temple Beth Tikvah"

"I want you to know that your performance at the Regency Yiddish Club this past Sunday was the best performance we’ve ever had.  You were very personable and made a great connection with the audience... not to mention how talented you are.  Simply a great program!"  Alan Briskin

"Naomi Miller was the keynote at our annual Yom Hashoah service.  Her presentation appealed to all ages.  Our children, watching this program, were mesmerized and you could hear a pin drop throughout.  Naomi is extremely talented and she won the hearts of our members with this excellent program.  As chairman of this event, I never had so many of our congregants congratulate me on "the best Yom Hashoah speaker in many years."    The theme of "You Are the Future" is so important ....  We must be able to impart on the next generation their responsibility 'To Never Forget' and Naomi accomplished that."  Jerome Oppenberg, Chairman, Pine Brook Jewish Center

"Naomi Miller is a super talented songstress (in Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, English, etc.) *** Naomi is the Jewish Auntie Mame!"  Claire Meadow, Larchmont

"Words cannot express the outpouring of applause for the performance of Naomi Miller.  The audience just loved her and her choice of music was terrific."  Sybil Grossman, Education Chairperson, Jewish Congregation of Concordia

"On behalf of the Boca Lago Yiddish Club, I must applaud you for your outstanding and heart warming performance.  We loved you!!  In the 18 years of the Yiddish Club history - you are the only act we have ever had two years in a row..  Kudos to you for giving such pleasure and enjoyment."  Betty Scharak, chair  

"Thank you so much for a truly memorable evening!  Smiles, laughter and applause - engaging, funny, and entertaining.  Standing Ovation!  Naomi Miller is a star!"  Congregation B'nai Jesuhurn

I just want to tell you how absolutely moving, amazing, and inspiring your program was, filled with such heart and love and inspiration. People cannot stop talking about it. Thank you so much for bringing it to our community. It was really extraordinary. L'shalom, Rabbi Melinda Panken, Temple Shaari Emeth

"The audience's response to Naomi Miller's presentation of "Accents on Broadway" was astonishing.  Not only did she play to a standing room only crowd, her talent was evident throughout the performance.  She seamlessly switches from singing in English to Yiddish to Spanish while interjecting humorous tidbits .....  Not only would I recommend Naomi Miller's performance, but as a testament, I am currently negotiating Ms. Miller's return to perform one of her other shows."  Olga Kuharets, Program Coordinator, Fort Lee Public Library

On behalf of B'nai Harim, I would like to thank you for the wonderful show you put on.  I have heard so many accolades ...everyone was impressed with your ability to sing in so many languages.   They loved the interaction you encouraged.  You are a true performer, so much more than a singer. *** I have booked performers for the past 10 years and you were by far the BEST!  Maddy Mogel, Entertainment Chair, Congregation B'nai Harim, Pocono Pines, PA

"Thank you for an incredible performance of 'You are the Future'!  The Kean University community is still raving about your  production.  Your stage presence is undeniable; the audience was captivated from the very beginning.  Your passion, warmth and beautiful voice blended together for a special evening."   Janice Kroposky, Director, Holocaust Resource 

Naomi Miller and Co. performed “You Are the Future” at Ocean County College for our 2018 Yom haShoah program whose theme this year was “The Second Generation: Children of Survivors.” This was Naomi’s second visit to our campus and the reaction of the audience –survivors, faculty, community, but most important, that of our students -- was one of raw emotion to her story and song lyrics and a deepened understanding of the relevance and timelessness of the message that the program so beautifully and sensitively conveyed. More than any book or lecture could accomplish in so short a time. Naomi’s talent, warmth, and boundless energy are no less than remarkable and it was an honour to have her perform her program for us. I have had so many people who were in attendance tell me what this program meant to them and how necessary it is. I have already asked Naomi to come back next year.  Ali Botein Furrevig, Ph.D., Professor of English, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ, Director, OCC Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education

Just a quick note to tell you how enjoyable your "Aging Schmaging" concert was which you performed on April 13. Your act was a combination of many wonderful aspects. Your choice of songs, which by the way sounded terrific, together with the slides and your interaction with the audience was all so wonderful from beginning to end. I must also tell you how much I loved your humorous stories about and between songs. You could definitely do a stand up comedy.act and I would attend.You had a full house and gave much enjoyment and laughter to so many. Thank you so much for an absolutely great and entertaining show.  Micki Meyers, Monroe Senior Center

I had the good fortune to hear your wonderful presentation about the Holocaust at Shaari Emeth in Manalapan. The clarity of your narrative, your sensitivity to the young people in the audience, and the soothing beauty of your voice in song combined to produce a most moving, educational, and engaging presentation of an incredibly difficult topic, especially to children. Kudos! Audrey Flumen

​If Concordia's Shalom Club said "WOW!" in every language, people would immediately know we saw Naomi Miller's amazing show From Klezmer to Broadway.  Thank you so much for making our inaugural event a huge success. Your warmth, your presence and program brought electricity into the room. Your beautiful voice and connection with the audience was amazing as you took us through Jewish tradition and culture. And your love of weaving Broadway into the program in other languages was wonderful. It was indeed a memorable performance and we look forward to our next Naomi Miller event... Can't wait to have you back. Stefanie Sparber, President

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