In this recording, Naomi gives expression to the many voices in her life.  Here are the intertwined voices of her parents, survivors of the Holocaust; the voices of our brethren then trapped in the former Soviet Union; the lilting voices of Judeo-Spanish society; the vibrant voices of modern-day Israel; and the voices of Naomi’s son and the Deaf community.  In this blending of voices past and present, Naomi is “Keeping Our Dreams Alive” for the future.

KEEPING OUR DREAMS ALIVE, featuring songs in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian and Ladino, was called “A musically sophisticated, Judaically profound adventure into the heart and soul.”  Options  Said Lillith Magazine:  "Naomi delivers up a variety of Jewish music...with unselfconscious passion.  She's not afraid of comedy, sentimentality, or social action.  Miller enjoys herself and so will you.”   

Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Larry Hochman (Emmy winner and 3-time Tony Nominee)

Executive Producer:  Harvey A. Miller – Ephrayis Productions, LLC

Guitars - Kevin Kuhn;   Bass – David Keyes, Dean Vallis;   Drums – Rick Cutler, Gene Parciasepe;   Cello – Charles McCracken;   Woodwinds & Saxophones – Bob Magnuson, Jerry Vivino;   Trumpets – Greg Ruvolo, Bob Zottola;    Trombone – Ed Neumeister;   Percussion – Gene Parciasepe ;   Piano & Synthesizer – Larry Hochman;   Violins – David Nadien (Concert Master), Lamar Alsop, Barry Finclair, Richard Locker, Jan Mulleen, John Pintavalle, Richard Sortomme

Children’s Chorus:  Susan and Jeffrey Beck; Mark & Marlene DelCarpio; Jacob, Jenny and Barry Labendz; Jeffrey Landman; Allison Lane; Philip & Joshua Miller; Donnie Nachimson; Adam Penn; Liad Salz

Piano arrangements for songs 1, 3, 4, 7, 10 & 11 – Rose Beer
“As We Listen With Our Eyes” specially written for Naomi & Harvey Miller by Carole Wechter

Special Thanks to our parents for not allowing us to forget, and our children and grandchildren for inspiring us to remember.
OLEH OLEH (English/Hebrew);  AS WE LISTEN WITH OUR EYES (English); TUMBALALAIKA (Yiddish); CUANDO EL REY NIMROD (Ladino);  THE STORY OF DAVIDL AND RAISELE (Yiddish/English Medley): Raisele, Siman Tov oon Mazel Tov, Chusan Kala Mazel Tov, Ot Azoy Nayt Ah Shnayder, Bulbes, Patche Kichelech, Yankele, Direh Gelt, Lomir Zich Iberbetn, Achzik Ehr Oon Zibitzik Zee, Abi Gezunt; PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME? (English);  MIDNIGHT IN PARAMUS  (Russian/English Medley): Kretchma, Moscow Nights, Polso Bylo Lyublyatse;  AL KOL ELEH  (Hebrew/English). KOO-KOO-REE-KOO  (Hebrew);. TELL THEM WE’RE STILL HERE (Russian/English): Yesch-choraz, Ani Ma-ameen, Mother Russia, Let My People Go; HORA  (Hebrew)

NOTE: the songs on this recording are not necessarily the songs in the show of the same name
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"As We Listen with Our Eyes"